Blogs 2004-08-05

So, this blog now uses the Kubrick team, even though I’m having a couple of problems with it. So I did a quick google to see how many admitted to using it, and I thought I’d link up a few here. I won’t comment on the ones that haven’t made any real changes, but since I’m planning to I thought I’d see what other people have been doing.

FreshNecessity has done a nice thing with different backgrounds for each heading and added a couple of options on top. Much like I was thinking about. He uses iPap for his photo albums. Maybe I should check it out. I’m using Gallery and I haven’t looked too much into making it work with the same theme yet.

ChopSocky did a nice thing with the right-side bar.

Cultural Collision tries having a menu on top, but I don’t think he’s just there yet.

UPDATE: Kubrick in Hindi

UPDATE2: Dubtribesoundsystem


Blogs 2004-08-03

Zoto looks really nice, and I should visit it frequently because it has no RSS feed. Ehm…. that of course means, I’m putting the picture gallery for blogs up here and hope that I come back for it. I first read about this at PhotoMatt today, and even though he sais WordPress is not supported, obviously they’re working at it. I’ll give ‘em a ping and ask for that RSS feed. I love image RSS feeds! :) Fresh photos, a glance of people’s lives without reading all the time. Call me lazy, but I’ve always loved photos :)

The news is out, alcohol is good for you. Of course, everyone just points to this article to legitimize their drinking, not reading it and certainly disregarding all articles that say the opposite. ;-) And I love strange conclusions: such as, I should drink half a bottle of wine before studying.

An interesting site is http://www.seewhatyoushare.com where a lot of documents and images have been revieled that apparently have been shared through P2P networks. Someone learn the military how to use a computer. Anyways, the really great picture among them is this:

From seewhatyoushare.com