Dear all, I’m having a problem giving correct credit to the blogs where I find links with interesting content. Each day I read my newsfeed of ~160 feeds. While reading it, I spawn 30 or so background tabs, and if I find something I really want to blog about, I blog about it. Finding BACK to what entry I clicked from takes much time this way, and thus it’s all to easy to give less credit than what I’d like to. So, I was wondering if you have any suggestions for SIMPLE solutions that would allow a user to know where the page he’s coming from originates from?

The Observer has a good article on Europe reaching its crisis point

Hi. I’m having a bit of trouble using Roller for Ingeborg’s homepage. I’ve set the characterset to be ISO-8859-1, yet all norwegian characters end up as question marks in the HTML. The database contains the posts with Norwegian characters, so something weird happens on its way through Roller. Checked this with version and Apparently this is still true with 0.9.9. Time to finally ditch Roller (and go for WordPress?)? I like the system, but it keeps failing on me and not having a big community making plugins and such for it, there’s not really that much to hold on to. Or is there? Input is most welcome! :)

UPDATE: Lance sais he’s fixed the issue. And the Roller Demo with Tomcat5, JSPWiki and Roller set up out of the box is quite nice :)

Blog spam

Blogs 2004-08-30

A couple of hours ago my blog was spammed with lots of comments. They all got caught, so no worries, but what surprised me was that although they were clearly spamming for the same host, they came almost all from differen IP-adresses, radically different IP-adresses:,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
Someone is having a bit more fun with distributed computing than they should.

Nicer Titles

Blogs 2004-08-29

Having seen Nicer Titles demonstrated at Binary Bonsai, I decided to incorporate it into my page. Don’t seem to work too well with Safari, though.