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Blogs 2004-08-28

Rob Wilks is blogging in sign language

Hi. I came across in an Infoworld article, and figured: What if we make an RFC for categories. If we had a set of standardized categories people could choose to use, we could have blog indexes where we could subscribe on a category in a language as an rss feed and receive only interesting topics on that. An example of a category could be Music/Early Music/Renaissance, as opposed to Art/Renaissance/Vermeer. I’d love to receive blogging on Vermeer and Renaissance music without having to hunt these blogs down and add them to my RSS feed. :)

Spammers tarpit has been posted. It’s a plugin that’s supposed to ask spammers to go away. Not an ideal solution as far as I can say. I’d prefer just increasing the delay, first a minute, then a minute and a half, until they go away. Using bad language isn’t any much help. And oh, it has it’s bugs. When posting this, my screen reads: Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /disks/ideraid1/web/ on line 51. Go figure. :) But good to see that people are working on this, and good luck to the developers continuing the development.

Update: this bug is due to that they don’t add a list of IPs. So you’ll have to figure that one out for yourself, make an array of IPs. Like I’m going to add that to my daily workload. No thanks. :)


Blogs 2004-08-26

In Marc’s Voice today, Marc shows this video of Momentshowing. I don’t know about the guy who made this, but this kind of thing freaks me out. He’s assuming that just because a person is outside, he has the right to videotape him and show him around to everyone. Assuming, of course, that the story is true and not just produced. This is why people are afraid of cellphones with videocameras and such, that people will just allow themselves to not only watch people and stalk people, but do it with the world as their audience. What do you think about this?

Helge wrote down some RSS usability guidelines that seemed to settle our discussion at the Weblog Tools Collection.