So, this blog now uses the Kubrick team, even though I’m having a couple of problems with it. So I did a quick google to see how many admitted to using it, and I thought I’d link up a few here. I won’t comment on the ones that haven’t made any real changes, but since I’m planning to I thought I’d see what other people have been doing.

FreshNecessity has done a nice thing with different backgrounds for each heading and added a couple of options on top. Much like I was thinking about. He uses iPap for his photo albums. Maybe I should check it out. I’m using Gallery and I haven’t looked too much into making it work with the same theme yet.

ChopSocky did a nice thing with the right-side bar.

Cultural Collision tries having a menu on top, but I don’t think he’s just there yet.

UPDATE: Kubrick in Hindi

UPDATE2: Dubtribesoundsystem

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