Good fun, I just found another blog titled Not_an_Artist

Reading up on what is happening in Lebanon I found The Lebanese Bloggers and a Letter from Beirut that I think are a very good read in addition to following the news. These bloggers are there telling us their story and about the confusion. Go read

Note to self: use delicious tags such as photoblog-posts for my photoblog.

2005 has been quite a good year for blogging. This blog has been its regular mess of different stuff that intrests me, but it has spawned some interesting projects. My photoblog, for instance, got a kick start with my photoblog entries that I used to have in this blog. Also, as I started teaching, my work related posts turned into a blog with lecture notes that my students could visit to get all the material I had to offer them. And quite recently the early music section, with quite a bit of help from some friends, is made into the early music blog. The server and familly blog that I set up for my father has been mostly left untouched, but all in all I’m quite content with the stuff that is being served. I’m a bit surprised by how little comments come in as my feeds have a steady amount of subscribers. Many people actually send me emails rather than leave comments, so it’s not that I don’t get feedback, but you don’t get to read it. ;-) Oh well, I’m sure I’ll understand more of why this is in the following year.

M$ critic

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Funny thing, this guy predicts that I’ll be a sworn M$ critic by 2021. Funny that. ;-) I have absolutely no idea who this is.