I came acrossJohn Blade’s Homepage and found his hack for allowing the wp-mail feature to import pictures. I’ve been thinking about doing it myself, but good seeing John did it already. :) Besides, he’s from Brisbane. :)

Great photo

Blogs 2004-07-01

Apo Enne-woman with her tattoed arms
is a great photo of an elderly women, I don’t know where from. (Where in the world is Samoki? Would it kill people to say what country they’re writing in? Or just what continent? :) )


Blogs 2004-06-20

I’m packing my stuff to go to Norway for the summer. Anyways, came across a site with really nice photos. This one has a really neat stylesheet


Blogs 2004-06-14

Seems everyone is making galleries for inclusion with WordPress these days. Pictorials is coming up with release two. Checked out PhotoStack, but was too much work to be done by myself, not much for integrating existing templates with a quick-and-dirty-tag. Have heared nothing back from the iPAP guy (what’s in a name? ;-) ) Everything’s in beta…

…or whatever, Respectable Groove is a band every early music lover should check out