Yes, the 4S is a great video camera. The 5D still has the edge, but also the bulk. This device is going to be great. :-)

iPhone 4S / Canon 5d MKII Side by Side Comparison from Robino Films on Vimeo.

In this first video blogpost I follow up on my two blogposts from 2005, I show you how easy it is to put a Pentax m42 mount lens, one of the most popular kind of lenses from the 1950s up until the late 1980s, on a Canon EOS DSLR body. Back in 2005 I used the EOS 20D, now I use the EOS 5DmkII, but it’s just as easy.

The lens I put on the camera is a Helios 85mm f/1.5, second generation, meaning that it has a 42mm screw-mount instead of the original 39mm. The adapter is a m42 EOS AF confirm adapter that you can find on eBay for around $15.

From a concert September 11th in Esbjerg, Casper, Kristian and Thomas from Kind of Magic

Let me introduce to you Esbjerg Tidlig Ensemble, the ensemble where I’m privileged to be a recorder player. Right now we’re planning our christmas concerts and we have time for one more. So if you’re quick and get in touch with me, we can come and play for you and your audience this christmas :-)

Hands up!

Photoblog 2008-08-25

Hands up!