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Well Tempered

Your instrument precisely in tune

Chromatic tuner

Well Tempered is a chromatic instrument tuner that uses your iPhone or iPads microphone, or an external microphone.

Pitch pipe

Well Tempered is a pitch pipe and tuning fork, playing the tones you can tune after either through your iPhone or iPads speaker, or through external wired or Bluetooth speakers or headsets

212 temperaments

Well Tempered features 212 unique temperaments that you can customize to start with any of 12 notes, totalling 2544 unique tunings!

With all these tuning options, Well Tempered provides a keyboard so that you can play with the tuning right away to decide if this is the tuning you want for the music you will play on your instrument.


Well Tempered strives to be the most precise tuner in the app store, while still giving you control to balance responsiveness and accuracy

You can define a precise reference frequency, such as A = 417.32 Hz, making Well Tempered a favourite among instrument makers.

Control the tuner through your Apple Watch

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