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I wonder if Jonathan Schwartz will comment on todays news (ITworld (via ZDNet blog (via Schwartz, actually ;-) )) and Computerworld (via Linux Today)) that HP doesn’t like him blogging negatively about them. I remember reading the discussed entry and I actually agreed with Schwartz in much of it. But it’s interesting as this is what, in my view, blogs do well: give people’s opinion a place, without having corporations interfering. For instance, I’m buying a Canon EOS 20D camera, and I read reviews by obviously biassed reviewers, but also lots of blog entries. And after having read enough, I actually ordered it without having had it in my hand, I’m that confident that this will be a great camera. It goes the other way around too, if I buy something on eBay and I get screwed by a seller (no, I don’t have any particulars in mind :-) ), I will be sure to report it, and not particularly by negative feedback. This is what blogs do well. And I’m sorry for HP if they don’t appreciate it. But hey, they got heaps of PR on it. And it’d be nice to hear Jonathan’s opinion.

Great, trackback spam is becoming a problem too.

Where do the lines go for what’s too much intrusion into someone’s life? This guy has found a memory card in a taxi, and says: I am going to post one of your pictures each day. I will also narrates as if I were you. Apparently so that this person can get back to him and reclaim his/her memory-card. Why does this remind me of blackmail?

In a response to an ongoing discussion at Binary Bonsai, I decided to implement Gallery 2 for Kubrick. Estimated time: 30 minutes. This is not Vanilla Kubrick, this is my bastardized version, I just copy-pasted most of the plain HTML and made sure all the CSS was in the CSS file. Reason being, { and } are “smart tags” in Gallery 2. Ok, so let’s go.

First of all, Gallery 2 CVS as of today. Get it.

Now, if people would like me to post my modified files, do leave a comment (can’t be bothered if no-one cares ;-) ) And, unless other licenses forbid it (i.e, GPL kicks in), all files will be under the standard two-clause BSD license.

Ok, here we go: Copy templates/global.tpl to templates/global.tpl.local and edit the local-file. I ripped out all except for {include file=”gallery:`$main.viewHeadFile`“ l10Domain=$main.viewL10Domain} and {include file=”gallery:`$main.viewBodyFile`“ l10Domain=$main.viewL10Domain}. You can view variables with a tag like this: {$main.viewBodyFile }.

Next file up, layouts/matrix/templates/albumBody.tpl that again is copied to albumBody.tpl.local and after you’ve edited that one you may want to edit singleBody.tpl for the full-size pictures, sidebar.tpl for options and pathbar.tpl for the breadcrums. Not too much of a hassle, really. I think Gallery 2 is coming somewhere. :) But then again, I would love to see this streamlined into one file as with WordPress. Oh well, I’ve got in half an hour a Kubrick-like Gallery 2 implementation. Now for the tweaking…. (you see from the heading how bad I am with colours and layout ;-) )