I wonder if Jonathan Schwartz will comment on todays news (ITworld (via ZDNet blog (via Schwartz, actually ;-) )) and Computerworld (via Linux Today)) that HP doesn’t like him blogging negatively about them. I remember reading the discussed entry and I actually agreed with Schwartz in much of it. But it’s interesting as this is what, in my view, blogs do well: give people’s opinion a place, without having corporations interfering. For instance, I’m buying a Canon EOS 20D camera, and I read reviews by obviously biassed reviewers, but also lots of blog entries. And after having read enough, I actually ordered it without having had it in my hand, I’m that confident that this will be a great camera. It goes the other way around too, if I buy something on eBay and I get screwed by a seller (no, I don’t have any particulars in mind :-) ), I will be sure to report it, and not particularly by negative feedback. This is what blogs do well. And I’m sorry for HP if they don’t appreciate it. But hey, they got heaps of PR on it. And it’d be nice to hear Jonathan’s opinion.

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