The speculations on Canon’s release are over, DPReview has a preview of the Canon 30D that was released today. In short: not much new from the 20D. More flexible ISO settings and a larger screen. What is this? They should’ve called it Canon 21D. ;-) Not much of a version bump, while 10D to 20D was significant. With the release of the 5D I was hoping for some of the features to be brought down to the x0D line, but only the LCD made it. Oh well, I guess they want to keep me drooling for a 5D instead. ;-) I’ll be keeping my 20D, though. The 85mm f/1.2 lens looks cool, though. :-)

Mogens‘ Canon 10-22mm rocks. That was what I read out of the lineup of Nikon, Sigma, Tokina and Tamron wide-angle zoom leenses. It’s conclusion was to buy a Nikon, but further down argues that he prefers the Canon with lower distortion and price. I’ll borrow Mogens’ lens and put some pictures here. Meanwhile, my take on wide angle has been my Canon 20mm f/2.8 (hmm, no pictures online yet, I’ll have to do something about that. I’ve had the lens for like half a year now) and fish eye lens adapters like the 0.42x I was sent instead of what I’d actually bought or my father’s 180 degrees fisheye adapter. That works well also, but 10mm is awesome!

Therefore, the owner of the lens did not have any idea that there was someone living inside the lens. I found this quote when searching on how to clean lens fungus. Not that I have found any on my lenses, but a very interesting lense just turned up but with some fungus. Read more on lens fungi and how to remove them.

In his blog Joseph Holst has a great tutorial on how to build a light box. I expect to be building one of these when I get back to Esbjerg after the christmas holidays

Peter Spiro wrote an article making the argument to use Nikkor lenses on Canon EOS cameras. It fits nicely with the manual focus argument I’ve been making. Out of special interest, he has copied a table comparing 50mm lenses. I’ve decided NOT to go for a Canon 50mm lens, even though I’ve used my friends f/1.4 extensively.