Haje Jan Kamps has written a great article on macro photography. Not quite pinhole, but that direction

In this post abuot manual focus lenses on DSLR cameras, we’ll again look at a M42 mount and a FD mount lens. (be sure to check out the first and second post). The M42 mount will be my Miranda 28mm f/2.8 lens, while the FD mount lens is Mogens’ 35-70mm f/2.5 FD lens. Again, notice that these are very fast lenses that have cost less than $40 a piece.

The 28mm lens has a little issue, it’s supposed to be stopped down with a lever on the mount-side of the lens that the camera will push. This needs to be jammed, or it’ll be f/2.8 all the time. I haven’t gotten around to jam it properly, so all the following pictures are at f/2.8:
Bicycle in autumnKetilMarienlyst

Mogens brought his 35-70mm f/2.5 lens on a family trip to Turkey, leaving his auto-focus lenses at home. He found that it was a great companion:
PoolLateTurkish mama

To wet your apetite, we’ve got hold of a 2x FD-mount converter, bellows, macro rings and colour filters to toy with, and we’ll be posting photos with them as well

I’ve been reading up on liquid sculpture about how to make water drop photos, and my conclusions so far is that the equipment is to expensive, but I’ll have a chat with some friends over christmas when I get back to Norway. For the moment, read this and this interview on the topic. There are lots of great photos included!
Liquid sculpture

As I mentioned in my first MF lens post, Bob has a great article on manual focus lenses for the Canon EOS. He writes it turns out that the diaphragm coupling lever which sticks out from the back of the lens makes [adapting Pentax K lenses on a Canon EOS body] impossible. This is the standard answer you will get, and at the moment I cannot find any adapters on eBay or any other retailer. Lucky for us Michael Pollet has put this claim to shame. In his article he writes a detailed instruction of how to adapt a M42->EOS adapter to the Pentax K lenses instead. I was planning on doing something similar but haven’t received my Pentax K lenses yet so I haven’t been able to tell if its feasable. Luckily he’s shown that if at loss, this is a great way to go. He reaches infintity focussing and has done some quite interesting modification. If you’d like to mass-produce such an adapter he even offers to send you a prototype for inspection. Hopefully it won’t be too long until we can see such product on eBay. Until then we’ll all get our old metal working equipment out.

In the first post of this series I argued that you can save lots of money buying manual focus lenses and get great pictures with your DSLR camera. In this post we’ll look at three more lenses: the Mogens’ 500mm f/8 FD mount lens and his Helios 58mm f/2 M42 mount lens.

First one out is the 500mm. Since it’s a M42 lens, the adapter steals 1/3 stop of light and gives a 1.26x crop, making this equivalent to a 630mm on a APS-C sensor or a 1008mm on 35mm film/full frame sensor.
Michael 2WindowsThe Pub

Next up, the 58mm:
Natural modelCowgirlNik Portrait

Be sure to follow the thread, more exciting manual focus lenses are comming up. To wet your apetite, we’ve ordered in a bunch of Pentax K lenses and adapters to other lenses that are laying around.