Every now and again I get “Unknown architecture” when trying to compile. I found this post that has the solution in the bottom: *

From the “Project” menu, choose Edit Active Target “ “. Select the “Build” tab. In the search box, look for FRAMEWORK_SEARCH_PATH. Highlight the row with a search path in it. Press to completely wipe out the path.

I don’t know quite why there sometimes are more paths there that I don’t want, but it helps anyways.

I’m still a Max/MSP junkie (Max 5 was released today!!) and so I’m happy to present my new interface for Max: LightingMatrix

As you can see, LightingMatrix is a matrix of black buttons that light up when you press them and then fade down. When I get my certificate and get to put it on the iTunes App Store, you’ll see that you can use multiple fingers. The values are sent via UDP to Max where you can use it just like any other control. I look forward to seeing what splendid software-synth, lighting, moving robot or other fun stuff you’re going to be making with this. The power of tapping with many fingers is available, now also for Max/MSP (and Jitter) :-)

This is just the weirdest. Not three minutes ago my Norwegian mobile phone that I haven’t had turned on since christmas suddenly turned itself on, and just a second thereafter my smoke alarm went bananas. I can smell no smoke, no smoke outside, no smoke in the entrance, not anywhere. What’s going on? Normally I would just assume it malfunctioned, but my mobile phone turned itself on! It shouldn’t be able to do that??

The one thing I don’t get with showers is why there always is water left in them. I mean, I get the physics of it, I just don’t understand why I can’t just press a little lever on the shower battery and make the remaining water flow out in the drain. Then I can be sure that no water will slowly go out of my shower and make a damp bathroom, chalk stains or grow bacteria after I’m done showering.

I’ve moved my blog and photoblog back home. A few of my other sites might follow. I’m hoping to have them better integrated so. At the moment people will come up to me and say ‘I saw your home page!’ and I’ll ask them which one. Not a good place to be. I’ve been planning an integrated solution for a year without really having had the time for it, but having it back home might actually do some good for those plans. :-)