The photos from the Ringve summercourse at Sund, 2008, are online, if you should have them and haven’t received my mail with the super-secret password, drop me a line and I’ll send it to you


General 2008-07-20

It seems you cannot use the iPhone 2.0 firmware without a Twitter account, so I got one. First I started by adding some developers that I think do cool stuff. But then I got to thinking, who of my friends and contact are in there? Twitter isn’t great at bulk importing, so to help me, I found TwitterWho where I could mark all my contacts in my address book, copy their names, paste it into the box and off it went and found everyone. Yay! How if I can only find a way to automatically look up Facebook friends on Twitter…. :-)

Just a quick link to Ribe’s 1300 year celebration website that Christina is working with. :-)

11 days ago now, me and Christina were on Cuba on vacation. It was three years since we met, I proposed, she said yes. :-) We’re expecting to get married in september :-)

I finally got my mail from Apple with the acceptance. :-) (ok, so I got it May 8th but I was in Cuba so I didn’t know) The fee is payed and the certificate should come “any moment now” :-)