I’m sorry if this is all over the net today, but I really find this a great info graphic, by Noodlor. I link directly to his graphic:
A quick & comprehensive guide type guide

The guys at SpringSource have too many links to STS 3.5.0.M3, finding 3.5.0.RC1 was a bit hard, so if you’re looking for it, go here: http://www.springsource.com/products/eclipse-downloads

I got an email today from two of my friends who had sent an email to everyone notifying that their email had changed. Not willing to do this work every time someone changes something I thought, I can just grab this via Facebook. A while back I used Address Book Sync (http://danauclair.com/addressbooksync/) and that was great, but one day it stopped working. I checked it out again, and although the new version 1.4 locks up while syncing, it actually does some work while appearing locked, and after a while it had chewed through my friends list and was ready to update my friends. It categorized them in matched and unmatched, so I started by syncing everyone who was matched. That seemed fine, but it synced photos more than phone numbers and email addresses, which is what I’m after. A couple of tests revealed that I was missing emails, adresses, phone numbers and homepages. Hmm… not quite there yet. What do you use? What do you recommend?

There’s a great example of how to do spring security in Roo right here: http://bitbucket.org/jeduan/spring-roo-password/ Grab the code and read via

hg clone http://bitbucket.org/jeduan/spring-roo-password

It seems that Apple doesn’t want people switching from Lightroom to Aperture. In this support document, Apple confirms that they only import strictly what they HAVE to to say that they comply with XMP, but they don’t support XMP enough to make it useful. Expect to loose all your labels and ratings when importing from Lightroom, and don’t expect to have the data transfer back to Lightroom in case Adobe releases Lightroom 3 and you’d rather stick with that after your 30 trial days are up.

If you’ve run in to XMP issues with Aperture 3, do feel free to leave a comment.