ubd wanted to connect to windows.net, so I looked it up, and it belongs to Ubiquity.framework, that is a part of the iCloud integration. Hmm…

The man-page says this: “ubd is the ubiquity server process. It is primarily used for “Mobile Documents. There are no configuration options to ubd, and users should not run ubd manually.”


General 2011-11-05

Quick plug: my wife, Christina, just started her first blog, about our cat: Silver. Visit Silverkat and follow her blogging journey and our cat :-)

I’m such a sucker: now I’ve bought the Steve Jobs biography for Kindle, to be delivered tomorrow. I hope the book is great. I borrowed my last book of the kind to someone, but I don’t know who. ;-)

To quote Jan Eggum: “Kor e alle heltane” (where are all our heroes, for you non-norwegians). Dennis Ritchie passed away today. That is Richie as in &R in K&R C, or The Book. Without Dennis, I’d probably not known my good friend Dag-Erling. I’d probably be writing Pascal. I’d probably given up on computing after having led the DemOS project in assembler and Pascal. Dag-Erling would not have been a FreeBSD committer. I would not have written my thesis about the FreeBSD project. There would be no Mac OS X, or iPhone. At least not the way we know it. There would be no /dev.

It was a sad moment when Steve died, and although Dennis was allowed to live many more years, it is too soon to see another giant in our industry go away. I am deeply thankful for what he has given our community, and for what he has given me, and most of the people I know in our industry.

There have been many obituaries, but the one I liked the best is written by Poul-Henning Kamp at Version2 (in Danish).

Dear Steve,
you have shown us that we don’t understand what we think we understand, and must redo what we think is done, in order to go forward. You’ve tought us not to accept mediocracy, not from ourselves and not from the world around us. Strive for passionate perfection, every day, with love. Love for what we do and those that surround us.

Rest in Peace