As you might have noticed, I’m trying out different kinds of content on my blog lately. It’s all stuff I love doing, just interesting trying out new stuff. Next up on “new ideas” is “easter ales 2011”, where I thought I’d introduce this years crop of easter ale available in Danish supermarkets.

First up is Påskeæg, økologisk påskebryg by Thisted bryghus. It’s much like a traditional pils, so if you like a classic pils you’ll love this beer. It’s slightly sweet from the malte, but the hop taste is prominently bitter.

A bit too light for my preference in easter ales, but not a bad start on this short series. I’m usually a big fan of Thisted Bryghus, so I think I’ll stick with some of their other beers.


The Blog 2011-03-24

Whoops, I seem to have killed my themes, plugins and uploads dir when upgrading… not good. So there might be some dead links that should have had content around. For that I apologize. I’ll do my best to restore them, but should you discover anything missing while surfing around on my blog, do tell.

Today I’ve done what I should have done (and in part did) a long time ago, get my blog up again, retire other blogs, integrate those posts here and modernize this blog. I did update WordPress a while back, adding a new design, but this time I’ve actually completed the look and made it, well, less fancy. It’s the content, not the design, and until I get someone to actually make a working design, a slightly customized standard-design will do well for me.

My blog had been offline for a while due to a bad combination: server formatting (I changed from running ESXi with FreeBSD on top to just FreeBSD) and laziness. ;-) I’m integrating my photoblog and early music blog, and ~10 years of blogging plus two blog integrations made for an awful lot of dead links. But the weather is awful today, so I’m in the process of fixing them up too.

Anyway, my plan is that a fresh look, having the old content up-to-date and letting it be the hub of what I do online, I’ll actually get around to write interesting stuff again, something I’ve not done on a regular basis for a while. Having it the way I want it should help for motivation. :-) So, new improved blog… let’s see what comes :-)

The picture, promised in the last podcast (yes, it’s been too long, but we’ve got material brewing :-) ) is finally here, found on a CD in a big pile of CDs with images

A short little update: now you can use the submit story/recording/photo buttons in the righthand sidebar to submit the material you’d like included on the blog. :-) No need to register and create the blog entries yourself anymore.

Sorry about the long delay before writing. I am in the middle of moving to a new apartment and spend my days building and painting walls. But, Mogens’ harpsichord is well in place, Craig has sent me one of his Carmichael’s Modern Baroque Recorder that I’ll be trying out as soon as I’ve finished moving. Also, we have some music in store for you to listen to and some pictures coming up. So stay tuned.