Good fun: today I submitted three little iPhone apps for review, hopefully they’ll be up in the AppStore within long. The first is Well Tempered, my tuning application, that’ll be for sale. It’s for tuning early music instruments such as harpsichords and organs and will have many early music temperaments. Do see the product page. Then there are pOSCa and OSCar, free OSC controllers that’ll get electronic musicians up from their chairs and performing. Can’t wait to have them online and I wonder what people will think of them. I like them very much. :-) Updates will of course be provided as necessary.

Here is a nice link to Patrick using the bubble game to create OSC signals that will generate sound in SuperCollider. Soon, he can use pOSCa and OSCar as well :-)

Does your console log look much like

Oct  8 22:23:56 MyComputer[210] ( Throttling respawn: Will start in 10 seconds
Oct  8 22:24:02 MyComputer[1] ([39664]): posix_spawnp("/Library/Vendor/Folder/task", ...): No such file or directory
Oct  8 22:24:02 MyComputer[1] ([39664]): Exited with exit code: 1
Oct  8 22:24:02 Halloumi[1] ( Throttling respawn: Will start in 10 seconds

then chances are you’ve installed software and deleted it again. We all do from time to time, some more frequent than other. This can be quite annoying when debugging a problem, as well as fill up space and drown more important messages. launchd is the cron of OS X, but you won’t find /etc/launchd.conf. Instead, look in /Library/LaunchAgents and ~/Library/LaunchAgents and you’ll find the ones that started the problem

Having dumped WSMakeStubs, I’m looking at the WebServices Core again, and this time I found that Todd Ditchendorf has written a nice tutorial about it. I’m working my way through it and it looks promising

I bought a 3 EazyInternet mobile broadband modem and subscription this week, thinking it would be sweet with 7,2Mbit on the go. And it works fine, cool thing having on my mac. But, alas, when installing it, the installer disabled my Airport WLAN and wired Ethernet interfaces, so currently I’m locked to using *ONLY* 3 network, which is *REALLY* slow compared to the wired network at work and the WLAN at home.