As announced in the end of january, the price for Well Tempered has increased, and will continue to do so for the next couple of months. If you want it at a reduced price, be sure to get it now before the next price increase.

Well Tempered is an early music tuner for the iPhone. It has lots of baroque and renaissance temperaments that are configurable for any key. The sound shapes it has available makes it so that it can be used pleasurably with soft instruments such as the bass recorder, and be heard through louder instruments such as the cello, even when placed on the notestand quite far from the cellist ear.

Visit the Well Tempered Homepage for a demo video

I’m working on a couple of updates for Well Tempered, both for adding more temperaments and for refining the UI after a couple of users have been so kind as to provide useful suggestions. That’s great, I love that kind of feedback! :-) What’s not so good is that Well Tempered is now being distributed outside the AppStore, without my consent. I’d love some feedback on how to handle such trials. I really hope people getting it through those channels consider upgrading to the retail version as there have been some important improvements since the initial release.

Jeff wrote a nice Clang introduction on Clang that I ran on my Well Tempered code to check out what bugs I could find. I had some convention breaches and a couple of minor leaks that would turn up when the program was closed and its state was saved, so while not beating me up, it was great to get the feedback on what parts I had been ignoring so far. I hope to bring these advices into my code from now on, and I’m sure I’ll be running Clang frequently to get this great feedback :-)

While checking out other OSC applications than pOSCa and OSCar in the AppStore I came across Synthpond lite that looks really cool. Just thought I’d let you know

I thought I’d share this little piece of code. Nothing revolutionary, but all right for Twitter maintenance. I didn’t want to be following lots of people that don’t post, so I wrote this little utillity that lists when people posted last time. It requires python-twitter. To get a nice list of who hasn’t posted in 2009, do
python | grep -v 2009
Likewise, if you want to see everyone that last posted in January and have it sorted by what day in January, do:
python |grep Jan|cut -d ' ' -f 3-9|sort -n
Here follows the code:
api = twitter.Api(username=’username’, password=’somepassword’)
page = 1
users = api.GetFriends(page=1)
friends = []
friends = friends + users
while(len(users) == 100):
  page = page + 1
  users = api.GetFriends(page=page)
  friends = friends + users

for user in friends:
  lastPost = user.GetStatus().AsDict()[“created_at”]
  print lastPost, user.screen_name
  tl = api.GetPublicTimeline(