The new harpsichord at school has arrived. Due to what’s called a wormhole in the wood, I’m calling him (it’s CLEARLY a male instrment) Grima. Weee!! He sounds great. :) Now we just have to put the old one into shape.


Music 2004-08-04

I was recommended to have a look at the webpage to Maria Solheim, singer & lyric writer. I’ll have to listen to some of her music.

They’re trying out a discussion/planning forum for the Ringve early music summer course at Nothing fancy but I’m sure it does the job.

This quarters edition goes back to everyone’s favourite:
Amarilli mia bella, Van Eyck’s variations


Music 2004-07-03

I was at the jazz festival in Kongsberg friday together with a good friend of mine from ODU. There I met a friend I lived with in Australia and a friend from secondary school and his girlfriend. Good stuff. We got to see Bobby McPhee at The Thing w/McPhee & Cato Salsa Experience and Palace of Pleasure, although with the last concert I loved the warmup band while PoP didn’t really perform but sing and play bass to playback-only. Not much of a performance. Today is cancled for my part as I had to go back to Oslo to fix a server that crashed during the night. Bugger! (the damned thing ran out of swap and locked out all) We had a couple of concerts lined up and it’d been fab being there. The feel of the place was great. Everyone was friendly and outgoing and we got to chat with heaps of nice people. Wish I could’ve stayed.