General 2004-09-30

I’ve taken up baking


My first loaf of bread wasn’t a success for the looks, but it tasted fantastic! :-) My second one was rather sluggish with too much water, but I’m getting there. :-) Add ingredients, let the machine do the rest. Suits me fine. :-) And finally I can get good bread in Denmark (not just white or all black, but plain norwegian “grovbrød”)


I skipped badminton today to cook dinner (marinated turkey, mixed vegetables, thai-sauce and brown rice, then my chocolate/espresso fix served with dark orange chocolate on the side. When everyone was gone, I thought this picture captured the day nicely.

Did the first Americans come from Australia? Not through Sibir from Asia, not the Vikings with Leif Erikson and certainly not Columbus.

She cradled him to her chest, she looked into her boy’s eyes, she stroked his face and she snapped his neck. This is The Observer writing on systematic rape in Kosovo where 4.4% of the female population were systematically raped during the Balkan war. This article is long and horrible in detail, is about the consequences and what was hushed down, and should definetly be read.