Metafilter has a post on concepts that do not exist in English

BBC News is reporting thatBBC Nigeria has launched fresh eforts to stamp out polio. This is part of a campaign to immunise more than 80 million children in 23 african countries. They have my best wishes. :-) Hopefully this is what I’ll think of next time I hear someone say Nigeria.

Originalism has an informative article on the background of Pitcairn.

According to The Seattle Times, coffee really is addictive. In other words: no news today. ;-)

What is really funny is they find that an average american drinks 3.4 cups of coffee a day. Now, how much is a cup? Is a cup the same amount of coffee as an espresso shot? My cup of coffee is typically three espressos that fit nicely in a cup. There’s even room for hot water, hot cream, cinamon, liquer, whatever you desire for your coffee (yes, cookies and chocolate too). Is this regarded as a cup? An americano is typically an espresso with buckets of warm water, producing the worlds probably thinnes coffee. Do americans drink americano’s? (looks like they do in Friends, but then again how american are the Friends characters? ;-) )


General 2004-10-02

Today I had my first pop-up ad in a loooong time because I’d forgotten I’d disabled it just to try out some stuff. Good stuff, I’d totally forgotten the anoyance. :)