March 27th I had this problem that whenever I submitted an app to the app store with the App Loader or Xcode, that would pass verification mind you, I got an error: “;)[B” I wrote Apple to tell them about it, but I got an error due to a disk being full, so I figured nobody’s perfect, it’s probably a disk-full error, and tried the next day. The 28th, no luck either. Wrote them a mail. Didn’t hear from them by the 31st, so wrote another mail. But by now, results had began to come up on my radar via Google, so I thought I’d share what I found.

With Xcode 4 it seems many people are having this problem. The advice I found first was to downgrade to Xcode 3.x or Application Loader 1.3, but by this time Xcode 4.0.1 was out, and for some reason I’d missed installing it on my dev box.

After installing XCode 4.0.1, this problem was solved and an updated version of Well Tempered is now awaiting approval. :-)