General 2004-12-21

At 13.42 today, the sun turned (Norwegian link) :-)

Not long after Scream and the Madonna were stolen from the Munch museum, the Monolith by Vigeland is painted black and probably damaged beyond repair by vandals.

A Quicktime video with a 6 minute preview of Lord of the Rings - Return of the King, the extended version, has been released. I ordered my copy from Amazon about a month ago, nice to see what I have waiting for me. :-) (via Binary Bonsai)

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A statue of Edvard Munch in a Our Saviour’s Cementary in Oslo has been stolen of his grave only short time after Madonna and Scream were stolen (via VG and Aftenposten)

The BBC is reporting that a European moon-probe has arrived in orbit around the moon. They also describe the propulsion system and theories of the moon’s formation.