My friend David has long podered how to change the world. Everyone agrees that education is the key to peace and less poverty. But how can we give more of the poor an education?

The linked video shows his first experiment with getting poor children an education. David has paid the woman in the video to teach children who don’t already attend school. She receives $6 an hour, and there is some cost to transferring the money and supplying teaching materials.

Davids goal is to teach 1 million children, who otherwise would not have had any kind of schooling, in english reading and writing. It’s an experiment, but it’ll be an interesting experiment to follow. Do write him if you want to participate. Of course, I’ve chosen to participate myself, in addition to spreading the word.

If you want to send a contribution, you can do so by PayPal to [email protected], via the Danish system Mobile Pay to number 2334 2254, via his Danish bank account 5379 315028. His plan is to send you a video in return within two months, which the teacher will dedicate to you, so you can see the result of your contribution.

I vouch for David myself, this is something he’s been planning a while, and something I find to be very socially innovative. I know David well, and can vouch for that he does not make a dime doing this, all your money will go to teaching, minus, like I mentioned, a bit of money transfer fees and teaching materials for the kids.

Have a look at the video from a village outside Calcutta (tap the image to see the Youtube video)


You can also visit the Facebook page for his new organisation Teach-a-Million.

Here are two more movies, I’ll link to more as his effort continues (tap the images to see the Youtube videos). I really hope you’ll join me by donating and spreading the word



Quick update: within the first day, teaching a class for 40 hours plus teaching material was sent in 10 contributions.

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