When the iPad was announced, we got to hear we had to wait until the international launch date. So before it was even morning on the date of the international launch I ordered mine online, black 64Gb with 3G. I expected Apple to prioritize their own sales channel, but it turned out I had to wait 33 days from I ordered it until Apple expected me to have it!

To reduce the wait, I went by many stores, and finally I came by a Virgin Megastore in Nice, and the salesman there said unfortunately, they only had one model, and it was exactly the one I wanted, so I quickly bought it, set it to update and sync and went about my day.

Later that evening I got to play with it, but the home button really needed to be pushed very hard to work, and that really affected the pleasure of using it. After much thought, I decided to return it. The day after, I went back, and of course the man talking to me was strong and had a habit of pushing buttons hard, so while I reproduced the problem all the time, he managed only once. But he saw the problem, and would love to exchange it for me, but by then they were sold out. So I got a refund.

Luckily, the day before I had tried to cancel my original order, but they were about to ship it that day, so they couldn’t cancel it but asked me to send it back when I got it. So now I’ll have to wait patiently for it, and then hopefully it will have no issues, just like my last iPad had no issues.

Written, unexpectantly, on my iPad 1 ;-)

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