I’m a big fan of Willemoes which is Coop’s brand by Bryggeriet Vestfyen, so when they had an offer too choose three for a reasonable price, I got two of Willemoes Påske Ale and a Påskebryg that will be reviewed another day.

Willemoes is funny as it’s called after Peter Willemoes, a Danish naval hero who captured Nelson and his ship in the war with England in 1801.

As with so many of Willemoes beers, this was an instant hit. It is nice and dark, but transparent. Its nicely filled with spice, it’s sweet yet still fresh, and has a moderate amount of gas, yet very little foam. As with Ørbæk’s Påskeale, it could just as well be a christmas ale, and works fine by itself. It goes well with food as well, especially heavy food. Only negative is that it has a hint of metal taste. All in all I think it’s a good alternative to for instance a Leffe Brune

Categories: Easter Ales 2011