Right, it’s time for changes for this blog. I need the following: a photoblog section and a linkblog section. I need to revamp my photo gallery. And I should seriously not use this page to show that I don’t have a clue about what colours match. ;-)

Linkblog - if I just want to post a quick link, it takes up too much space as is. They should be collected and placed in one go on my page. I plan on implementing a linkblog and photoblog by just putting the contents in its own category. This category should then of course NOT be in the category listing.

For the photoblog I expect to have a separate theme now that I use WP13-cvs anyway. For the link aggregation I probably need to write a little plugin or so, should give me an excluse to look at the plugin architecture. With Gallery I expect to be going back to 1.4.4, the speed of Gallery 2 just isn’t there. My server is a 500Mhz thingy and that’s been sufficient for a looong time. It should be sufficient for Gallery 2 as well

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