According to an US news site “You know the bands - their names, their music, their image - everything is licensed. And if somebody takes a photograph of the band, and that picture ends up on e-bay and somebody’s paying money for it, the band’s not seeing any of that revenue, then they have a problem with it,” Barry Kohlus, with The Backyard, said. So let me get this right, if I take a picture of something and sell it, what’s in the picture should get money for it? If I take a picture of the Eiffel tower, should I pay some Paris agency for that? If I take a picture of someone, should I pay them for it? Hmm…. I’ve been in the newspapers a couple of times, twice on TV and in various sites. Does that mean that all these places should pay me for the picture? ;-) Obviously, someone must have their licencing wrong. ;)

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