Wow, it’s been ages, hasn’t it. Well, you’ll be all very pleased to hear that I’m studying for my exams that are coming up. In studying, I mean of course that I’ve taken up the keyboard again, started playing Beatles on my guitar, rehearsing Corelli, been having a concert with the choir (it went totally fabulous! :) And it was great standing on the gallery singing in a quartet while the rest of the choir was singing towards us with candles in their hands! :) Magnificent!) and saying yes to play both for my job, for a choir that’s doing a Shutz-piece my choir also had parts of on the concert, and said ok to sing with another choir. Seriously, I have no clue why I study IT. I think it has something to do with sanity, but I begin to feel that I need some time off to study music. :) I’ve figured the best way to pick up my keyboard skills is to do La Folia in all scales. So that’s what I was doing just now. I made myself a cup of soup, but since I was so busy with the music, it I took a way to big cup, put the soup powder in and put too much water in it, so it’s more like reddish water. ;)

Well, apart from music, Thu was visiting me all the way from Switzerland. I had a great time and I’m quite sure she did too. :) It was terriffic seeing her again. :) And I’m sure Anne Lise (hah, I insist on that spelling, thank you very much :) ) called me for ages from Australia. I think she’s giving Optus a run for its money by using their deals to the fullest. :)

Oh well, back to the keyboard. And yes, I should be sleeping now. But then again, who shouldn’t? ;)

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