Now that I’m working on my blog, I get to go through my previous blog posts. It’s kind of having a chat with the me from the past. :-)

I’d like to have a quick comment on Minus points for the 2011 iMac. All I said there holds true. And you know what? I got a couple of Mac Minis added to that office. And they are gone again. First I used one for my TV, then I had one in my closet as a scanning server. I detached it. Now, I must admit, I don’t know where it’s gone. It’s been gone a while. Probably to a better place where it’s actually used.

I also got the MacBook Air. It was a fantastic machine! I would use my iMac as a screen. Then I would boot my iMac of the Macbook Air via Thunderbolt. Then my Air wouldn’t boot, and finally the hard drive gave in, in all its SSD’ish glory. There was no Air to pick up its place, since i had gotten more picky in the process. So now I’ve had a Macbook Pro for a year. And I still use my iMac daily.

My iMac is a decent computer. I even made it a home-made Fusion-drive since I had the SSD. These days, I’m really considering extending its life with a 1TB SSD (Samsungs 840 EVO probably). I’m not quite sure on how to handle it, though. I wanted it to boot of Thunderbolt, but for now it looks like perhaps I’m taking out the DVD drive instead and using the space for that via OWC.

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