It is curious how the economy is described bad all over the place, yet the tech sector is growing and growing. The mobile phone app business is exploding, and Google today announced a 33% jump in revenue to $9.72 billion. This disconnect has been going on for a while, and doesn’t seem to have much of an end. Tech just isn’t stopping to watch governments that overspend struggle or bankers who made arrogant bets sweat.

So I make my “arrogant” bet: keep working hard to innovate in tech. The mobile revolution today is like the early days of the web. And this is even before the rest of my house is connected and all my life becomes GPS tagged. We have an amazing decade in front of us. Let’s keep doing great work, with attention to detail and love for our customers and craft, hopefully without any investors starting new bubbles, and let’s make great things happen.

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