I’m not quite sure of the state of things, but fact is I’ve had lots of problems with WSMakeStubs, and I’m looking for alternatives. WSMakeStubs makes stubs for webservices in Objective C (and C++, but I haven’t used that). WikiBooks have an excelent article on what to watch out for and tips when using WSMakeStubs, you can check it out here. I’m seriously considering just wrapping the SOAP XML myself and doing some XPath on the result, but come on, Apple, it shouldn’t have to be that hard. My bugreport (#5944524) hasn’t been touched, and I guess for a good reason: Apple must have zillions of them, it seems everywhere I hear about WSMakeStubs I hear how it’s not working. I hope they put this tool into shape quickly, it would be a real benefit, especially with all the iPhone programming going on. Just look at how easy this is in Visual Studio, how easy Axis2 makes it. Even PHP libraries like nusoap are easy to use compared to WSMakeStubs. Apple, I’m sooo looking forward to WSMakeStubs 2.0 :-)

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