After asking on the MacRumors forums I was pointed back to FMDB that I had looked at a couple of days ago. FMDB is a Cocoa wrapper for SQLite3. I had a look at it, and after my initial difficulties, I found that I was trying a way to complicated way to use it for my iPhone applications. To add FMDB, simply do the following:

  • in XCode in your project window, rightclick your “Classes” and Add -> “New Group”, call it FMDB
  • drag the files from src in the FMDB package into the new group
  • Rightclick Frameworks, Add -> “Existing frameworks”, select /Developer/Platforms/Aspen.platform/Developer/SDKs/Aspen1.2.sdk/usr/lib/libsqlite3.dylib and press “Add”
  • Compile, smile and start using it :-)

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