I have been using Webkit nightly for the past few weeks. I was not planning on using it much, just trying it out, but it’s so fast that without really intending to, I’ve stopped using Firefox. I never used Safari much because I like Firefox both speed- and feature-wise, but now I’m probably Webkit only. Until something better comes along, of course. Naturally, I’ve been wanting to use it at work, on the Windows Server 2003 R2 servers that I’m developing on. To start of with something safe, I tried out Safari while installing a Sharepoint server. It crashed when only it and the OS was installed. Jikes. On close inspection, Safari only claims to be XP and Vista compatible, but installed without a problem on WS2003R2. Replacing it with webkit was no hit either, both crashed when entering wikipedia.org in the address bar. Having fully installed the server, none of them run without crashing. So I guess it really is XP or Vista only on the Windows platform.

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