I need Adium for Social Networks. Adium is an IM tool that has ‘em all and runs nicely under OS X. Social Networks are exploding. So I thought it would be fun to look for some of my friends, but after trying to find a few it hit me: there are so many networks. I would have to search each one of them. And what if they join tomorrow? I’d have to search again unless they search for me. I have an account at Orkut, Facebook, Blink and probably quite a few others. I usually don’t log in to them. So I would need something that searches for my friends in all of them when I search, and which could do that over again whenever I wish to check if they’ve showed up. Then I’d probably need some interface to keep my information on all of them up-to-date, and to be able to manage them one way or another. Any ideas for an Adium-like client for social networks?

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