Having slept on it and digested a lot of articles, these are my comments on the iPhone announced yesterday:

  • It runs OS X. In my book that means a BSD platform. I’m looking forward to having this confirmed. I so miss having BSD on my mobile. :-)
  • WiFi - thank you
  • Cool browsing interface due to CoreAnimation - great! :-)
  • No UMTS/3G? Yes, we all know 3G is slow, but EDGE is way slower. What’s up? I really hope the European version will sport 3G
  • 2MP camera? Come on, Apple, that is SO last year!! I thought Apple was supposed to set a standard other would come running after
  • Max 8GB disk? Ok, fair enough, but you already have that out on the market and have had it for a while. Look at Ritek & co, they just announced 16 and 32GB solid state discs
  • Why is it not possible to buy music on the run? When I’m over at my friends’ place and we talk about music, I’d love to be able to get the tune right away. But it seems I can’t buy it from iTunes. (I’m sure they’ll fix this soon enough, though ;-) )
  • I must admit I’m skeptical towards the QWERTY keyboard on-screen with no tactile feedback, but I’m looking forward to giving it a spin and see what it does for me.
  • Google Maps is great! But I already have that on my Nokia 6280.

Further things I’d like to know: is there a camera connector for it? And if so, does the internal software support RAW?

Now, I’m cautious about one thing: warranty. Apple has a reputation to refuse to repair iPods that have been handled extremely nice. I don’t handle stuff nice. My Ericsson mobile phone drowned when I took a dive in the ocean, not long after my Palm 3e took a fly through the air and landing on the floor in an awkward position after being out drinking. I figured I’d smack it all into one, and got the Sony/Ericsson P800 which got a dint in the screen a year after I got it. Figuring I’d only go with cheap stuff from now on, my Nokia 6280 has survived a few rides through the air with no problem. They are even making sports versions that are extra protected. I’m always doing something, always in action, and the stuff that I take along gets a trip trough the air occasionally. So, I’m really going to be looking at how fragile these phones will be. If they’re not, I might just spend the $599 for one. Probably in its 2nd iteration, though

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