Hi, I thought I’d give you a heads-up on what’s happening with the blog. It’s now almost one month ago that the blog officially came up on http://earlymusicblog.net and we’ve added a number of features. We’ve now got the most recent scores from the Werner Icking Music Archive linked in the sidebar, a number of blogs linked up and their resent posts linked and made bookmarking on different bookmarking services up and running. Not to mention a little set of entries and a couple of design changes.

So what are the goals for the next month? Getting active co-authors and improving the blog further, and finding more blogs to link up. So please post your early music blog link as a comment here and I’ll add it quickly. If you’d like to become an author, send me an email. There are already a handful of co-authors that are gearing up to submit their first article. Stay tuned for yet an interesting month! :-)

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