I’d like to quote Mattheson from Der vollkommene Capellmeister. In his foreword (I read from the english translation that’s close to impossible to get hold of these days. Publishers take note: this book requires a reprint!) he writes:
In France they say:

A passable meldoy or verse
Is not worth the devil.

Scholars are all of the opinion that it would be impossible for an individual to bring even only one branch of knowledge to perfection; but, in order to do this, it would be absolutely essential that many scholars pool their resources, render mutual assistance, and work collectively. For experience shows that nothing of significance is achived until matters are taken up through such cooperation.

I think this is one of the nicest places I’ve ever found support for the open source movement. And science for that matter. Words of note: mutual assistance, work collectively. Go out, do your work, share your insights and show us how you did it

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