Ryan Boren has released Kubrick 1.3-RC2. According to him, the changes since RC1 are:

  • Added 404 page
  • Images are loaded from stylesheet_dir instead of template_directory
  • Added links.php and archives.php page templates

After doing a diff between the two, I find that the only file that has been changed is index.php (true, the stylesheet has had a version bump in the comment, but that’s all). That means, comments, archives, index, footer, page, search, searchform and sidebar are unchanged. Good news if you’re using Kubrick as a template for building your theme like I am, but bad luck if you were hoping Kubrick is going somewhere. The RC’s seem to be status quo designwise but implementing WP13 features more and more. Up to you to decide how you like it. I don’t mind too much, but I’m always excited to see what new design ideas are thrown around.

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