I was just at Lion Cafe (in Esbjerg) with a friend, the first café in Esbjerg. By café I think of a place that serves good coffee, probably something to eat, but no alcohol. They might have beer, but coffee is more of a focus. Anyways, it was crammed full, almost no space available. We had poor luck as someone took our table while we were ordering. Ordering took for ages, standing in queue took 15 minutes, and just before ordering we had to fix the table situation. Thus 15 more minutes only to meet an overworked and not very happy girl who didn’t hear half my order (my danish isn’t good, but she didn’t get things right with the ones in front of me either), and then it turned out they didn’t accept any bank cards. So I’m off to withdraw money, and then 10 minutes more in line only to pay and find out she’d forgotten my coffee, which wasn’t made right either (not anywhere close to strong). Since they were overworked, they had not cleaned any tables. Not very plesant sitting down to a really filthy table. Even though they’d forgotten to put cheddar cheese in the bagles, they tasted all right. Anyways, enough ranting about the café. I’ll stay clear of it for 6 months or so and then see if they’ve shaped up.