I’m on my way from work now, and an incredible banging can be heard from the closest train. It sounds as if it’s running on square wheels. I cannot imagine who took the wise decision to let that train run through the subway, ruining the rails. It strikes me that what our subway system lacks the most is management. There cannot be any economic or service reason to run that train.

My day has so far been fine, if not a little bit confused. When I went out the door this morning, I didn’t wear my contacts. That sais something of how tired I usually am when I go out the door. Now, after literally having my nose glued to the monitor, I am on my way home to fetch my contacts and my laptop so I can attend a statistics tut. After that I’m off to get a matress for Thu who’s coming from Switzerland to visit tomorrow. I’m really looking forward to that.

At work everything is going right, although an increasing number of requests and less and less time to code makes the page feel more and more like a well-intended hack. A neatly designed and poorly documented hack. But it’ll all turn out right in the end as it’ll converge from chaos into a neatly presented piece of order. :-)

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