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This guy stitched a picture scaling 40784x26800, and it looks good!


Photography 2004-10-11

I’m not the only one to receive my Canon 20D, Michael Reichmann has an excelent followup on his last review. I agree with his comment on the shutter sound, my first reaction was Argh!. This will be bad in so many situations. But, the camera is so seriously great that I’ll happily live with that. Only question is: Michael, what happened when you got busted by the two? ;-)


My picture taken (by my mum) at Fanø with the EOS 20D. Quite cropped, stored to the camera at moderate compression. Quick summary: I took ~330 photos, my battery STILL shows full power status. :-)

My main concern is really with my lenses.I couldn’t afford a 17-85 IS lens, so I have the 17-55mm and my trusty old 28-80mm (picture above is taken with this lens). Oh, and it’s quite heavy, which is a pro when taking the picture, but having walked around with it in my right hand the entire day, I can feel it in my shoulder. Now I have to work on my blog for a nice photoblog section as this camera sure will get addictive

Update: Randal L. Schwartz loves his EOS 20D too. He talks a bit in phrases like in an artful stroke of madness and so on, and I need to think a bit about this as I do very much agree with many critiques of the “snapshot culture”, but I think that these critiques are usually a bit too harsh from people who get more competition. So I need to find my view on the balance. More on that later


Photography 2004-10-11

I’ve become facinated by the 1:1.5 crop, I think I’ll use that for most of my photoblog, at least to start with.

This guy has some amazing pictures demonstrating his bellow tube setup.