This page introduces most Canon EF lenses and contrasts quite a few of them in nice comments.

Dave Coffin has made dcraw work for OS X by a couple of support mails. Grab the source code and compile with gcc -g draw.c -lm -DNO_JPEG -o dcraw or get the binaries from Francisco Montilla.

My workflow is now: download RAW images from the camera into folder, do all my regular post-processing (auto-colour, auto-levels, make jpeg) and then import to iPhoto. I used Canon’s own software for the RAW handelling first, but it’s got clumsy select mechanisms. Now I get it all just the way I like it. :-) (shell handelling of graphics has been my main preference since 1999, but of course I’ll use a graphic editing program for non-typical operations. Far better than automate-functions in Photoshop :) )

Many thanks to Dave and Francisco for their help in getting dcraw working with the 20D on my OS X box.

Jake at Photoblogs asks if we loose a way of telling a story by using single-shot photoblogs rather than multi-shot. So here’s why I do single:

The picture I choose best represent my mood, feelings, thoughts and/or highlights of the day. Doing multiple shots I feel would be saying too much. By going through the shots day by day, perhaps you’ll get to know me well, but by multiple shots you’ll have no idea what I most want to focus on as I’m probably all over the place.

Secondly, of course, is the time issue. I don’t get to take that many good pictures as I’m still learning. And processing them takes time. Time comes coupled with space: I don’t have unlimited with space to publish everything. (although some would say I’m fairly close ;-) )

No, I’ll save those multiple shots for photo albums, such as my gallery. But having said that, there are multi-shots photoblogs that I read every time a new picture has been added, and one of them is on my top 3. So choose your format, wrap it nicely and I’m looking forward to seeing it. (yes, by all means, do leave an URL in your comment)