With December 1st coming up tomorrow, here is Praetorius’ Puer natus in Bethlehem in Christian Mondrup’s transcriptions for the recorder. He’s used ABC Plus for the typesetting for those who are interested.

Christian Mondrup has added an italian madrigal Tu che del mio dolore by Giovanni Battista Dalla Gostena (c.1558-1593) for 5 recorders to the recorder archive. Keep up the good work, Christian!

CNN reports that a new Band Aid is being formed. Whee! :-)

On September 20th 2004, while putting my luggage in a locker at The Hague Central Station, my shoulder bag containing four - very good - traversos (and personal papers, telephone, calendar, address book etc..) was grabbed away. It stood between my legs on the floor, but the thief was very experienced and fast: I hardly noticed a shadow moving and something slipping against my trousers.

Following instruments were stolen:

1) A. Weemaels, Hotteterre copy, 387 Hz., boxwood, in a nice wooden box it consists of 8 pieces:

  • wooden end cap
  • ivory end cap
  • head joint
  • wooden connection
  • ivory connection
  • middle joint
  • wooden foot (with ivory ring)
  • ivory foot

2) A. Weemaels, A. Grenser copy, 415 Hz., boxwood with (imitation-) ivory rings,4 pieces, no corkscrew but end cap, register foot

3) R. Tutz, I.H. Rottenburgh copy, stained boxwood with (imitation-) ivory rings, 4 pieces, corkscrew, register foot

4) Ph. Allain-Dupre (but unsigned), Quantz copy, 392 Hz., ebony or grenadilla, 4 pieces, (head joint with corkscrew and tuning slide), two keys and register on foot

The last three instruments were carried in a clear brown soft leather purse. I hope any of you could help me finding these instruments! (honestly, I don’t dare to hope very much that I’ll ever see them back, but one never knows…)

Anyway: thanks for looking out!


e-mail address of Barthold Kuijken e-mail: [email protected]

Please forward this e-mail to any helpful source, from the music world, second hand shops, music fairs, music schools etc.

Ars Subtilior

Music 2004-08-23

I came across an ok site with introductionary examples of Ars Subtilior, music from around Avignon and Northern Italy (roughly 1370-1410) (see Wikipedia for more.