On September 20th 2004, while putting my luggage in a locker at The Hague Central Station, my shoulder bag containing four - very good - traversos (and personal papers, telephone, calendar, address book etc..) was grabbed away. It stood between my legs on the floor, but the thief was very experienced and fast: I hardly noticed a shadow moving and something slipping against my trousers.

Following instruments were stolen:

1) A. Weemaels, Hotteterre copy, 387 Hz., boxwood, in a nice wooden box it consists of 8 pieces:

  • wooden end cap
  • ivory end cap
  • head joint
  • wooden connection
  • ivory connection
  • middle joint
  • wooden foot (with ivory ring)
  • ivory foot

2) A. Weemaels, A. Grenser copy, 415 Hz., boxwood with (imitation-) ivory rings,4 pieces, no corkscrew but end cap, register foot

3) R. Tutz, I.H. Rottenburgh copy, stained boxwood with (imitation-) ivory rings, 4 pieces, corkscrew, register foot

4) Ph. Allain-Dupre (but unsigned), Quantz copy, 392 Hz., ebony or grenadilla, 4 pieces, (head joint with corkscrew and tuning slide), two keys and register on foot

The last three instruments were carried in a clear brown soft leather purse. I hope any of you could help me finding these instruments! (honestly, I don’t dare to hope very much that I’ll ever see them back, but one never knows…)

Anyway: thanks for looking out!


e-mail address of Barthold Kuijken e-mail: [email protected]

Please forward this e-mail to any helpful source, from the music world, second hand shops, music fairs, music schools etc.

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