Finally, after having sent mails to people high up at Apple, signing petitions, joining groups and blogging about it for many years, iTunes movie rental and purchase is coming to Scandinavia, possibly the world. That is great, we have been missing it for ages. Thank you, Apple, for allowing us to send you money ;-) Like many other people, I’m looking forward to trying out this service, especially the rental service.

But what this makes me really happy about is that I now am actually optimistic about iTunes Match being not only a US product. So far, we have had no access to iTunes movies, tv-shows, Apple’s iBookstore and probably other similar features I forget. It even took for ages for the AppleTV to get to Denmark, I bought mine in Australia. But iTunes Match is exciting, and will hopefully be a really great showcase for iCloud. October 4th will be exciting in its own right, but the movies becoming available makes me excited that there will be less US-only services and more open-for-the-world services.

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