One of my pet project has been FrontRow and using my mini with an Elgato Hybrid and EyeTV as a media centre. At the moment its very quirky since there isn’t much info on making FrontRow plugins, or so I thought. Yesterday I read about PyeTV, an EyeTV integration for FrontRow written in Python using FrontPython. Jay! I love Python! And all this while I had been betting to read about it at Alan’s blog. But he got a girl, so jay for him as well. :-) I’m looking forward to having some time on my hands to use FrontPython and see if I can put together a SNES launcher from FrontRow, integrated with DarwiinRemote. :-) Check out Plugin101 for FrontPython on how to get started. Now, is anyone working on making a clone of the YouTube support that AppleTV has for FrontRow? BTW, check out Sapphire Browser that seems to have started it all

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