Today has been a quite caffeinated day. I’ve had two cups of the light preset 1 roast, one grinded at 4 and one at 6. Both turned out quite bitter. Luckily my milk frothing is going better by the day, so they turned out to be quite drinkable.

The next I tried was the now four days old 176C - 2m, 204C - 3m, 232C - 3m45s. I dialled in 6 and got a cup with lots of crema and after a while a few drops of oil broke the crema surface. It was not bitter at all and quite tasty, a roast I’d most definately would try again. :-)

I had a second cup of this, dialled in at 8 which also gave me nice crema, oil and a lovely taste. This time I added some amaretto syrup and frothed milk and had a nice tim-tam with it. :-) Umm…. :-)

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