Today I was rushing out of the door but had time for a cup of pre-roasted Columbia. When I came back later I tried the beans I roasted yesterday at the same grind, setting 3. To handfulls of beans resulted in a single double-basket of coffee! Yikes! Where does the rest go?!? (or, how much of my bean is really air). I should get a weigth to try this out. Still with my plastic tamper I did what I would think is a decent tamp and a few seconds later I pulled the lever. Exitement…. how much will come flowing? Nothing. Oh well, a gentle pull… nothing. A thighter squeeze… nothing. Increasing up to full body weight and finally a little bit came dripping. An early refill, press ‘til halfway, refill and full length pull with all my weight. Drop by drop, until I had a full cup. Which was still warm, btw, so nothing too wrong there. But the cup was more acidic than the previous cups I’ve had, so this was probably a too fine grind. I’ll let the beans rest for a while and see what happens.

Since I wanted more beans to test with for the light roasted one (remember I roasted just a hand and a half full of beans, so I’m running out of beans if I’ll be using that amount for a single cup). Two cups roasted at preset 1 and put into a paper bag before they go into their own box tomorrow. I have no idea what box that will be, I’m quickly running out of boxes. I’ll probably throw away some more of that pre-grinded coffee.

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